Monday, April 23, 2012

iTunes and Zebra Danios

I have this lovely 10 gallon fish tank on my dresser. I got it when it was on sale at Petco. It's about 2 or 3 feet long by like 1.5 to maybe 2 feet deep. I have black and white and pink stones at the bottom of it and there's some of those glow in the dark pebbles (that have NEVER worked >.<) in there as well as two plants and a pink, green and yellow rock thing. I'm so descriptive. *eyeroll* Anyway I've got 9 Zebra Danios in it. Well, four are glofish. But those are the same damn thing. (Glofish or Glowfish or whatever is the proper term [read: I'm too lazy to google right now.] are Zebra Danios that have had a paint substance injected into them (learned this AFTER getting my glowies) that makes them glow really pretty under a blacklight.
I'm considering getting some Neon Tetras for the tank, too. Because it feels kinda empty. I'm going to be getting some more plants and maybe one of those bubbly treasure chest things for it, too. Soon. I also want to get a backdrop for it, maybe the Finding Nemo themed one at Petco.
I also have a dark blue Betta named Hugo. The Danios all have names too: Koontz, Hocking, King, McCammon, Chucky, Duane, Shakespeare, Lewis and Elliot. If you can't tell, it's all author last names EXCEPT Chucky because I have a hard time pronouncing Palahniuk and therefore I went for first name.

I have upwards of 100.00GB of music on iTunes right now.
And for the most part, it'll pick its own shit and I'll be happy with whatever.
But some nights it just picks misses.
Like, all night long.
One hit, 20 misses.
Skip, skip, skip.