Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Gigantic Mortality News

It's so huge it just might blow your mind.
So I know I was saying I wouldn't ever be doing release dates again?
Well I lied.
I'm going to publish Mortality on July 20th of 2012. That does NOT mean it will be available for purchase that day, and it DEFFO won't be available in paperback yet on that day, but it will be published, as in submitted to KDP Amazon.
Right now we're looking at a 2.99 ebook and probably $12.99 paperback, because this one is going to be long.
Well, long for me. Relatively short for a novel. Unless I get on a really good writing jag. In which case I'll be like OMFG TYPE TYPE TYPE TYPE TYPE CLACK CLACK THAT'S MY FINGERS ON THE KEYBOARD CLACK.