Thursday, May 31, 2012

Just a quick note

I am beginning pre-production work on Living Will, the third book in the Sketchbooks series.
Tentative release date is set for October 14th of this year.
Actual release date is yet to be determined.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Been a while

Just want to let everyone know that I will be resuming normally scheduled writing and editing and what have yous as soon as I'm done moving in September.
Until then, please feel free to check out these sites:
My DS9 fanfiction tumblr
My Personal Tumblr
My account

Sunday, May 13, 2012

More information about release dates and Mortality and WHY I'M NOT FINISHING IT RIGHT NOW.

So, I'm involved in this fandom. It's pretty intense. It's called I'M A TREKKIE AND I'M GEEKING THE HELL OUT RIGHT NOW. So pretty much everything is on hold for right now. I'm working on a fanfic that is epically long, and it's ALL I can get words out for right now. I've tried. I tried really hard to work on Mortality. But I think until I get this Trek business out of the way, I'm going to be useless writing my own things.
So I'm on professional hiatus until at least June 30th. I will attempt to work on things and get them release ready starting July 1st, and for now, pricing isn't going to go up, purely because it's too much work to screw with prices on Amazon.
I appreciate everyone's patience in this matter, and I hope you'll come check out the DS9 Star Trek fics I'm writing on My username over there is DS9twilightCSI and it's not changing anytime soon, so come check out things I wrote before deciding to become a real writer.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Star Trek DS9: A War We Cannot Win

Is the title of the novel-length sequel to "The Spy," my other Star Trek DS9 fic (which I'm also giving a complete overhaul so expect it to be longer and more polished). I've started writing it, but do NOT expect any release dates any time soon. Chapters will have set release dates, but it will be long after I've got at least four chapters done that even one chapter will be released.
All releases (fanfic) will be done at My username is DS9twilightCSI, as those are the only three fandoms I will ever write for again. There would have to be some new splendiforous fandom emerging for me to even consider deviating from those three. And I hardly write fanfic anymore.
But seeing as it is writing, I figure I can direct y'all over to my profile. The Spy has 20 reviews. 20. That's five times the total reviews I have on all of my books I can legally sell right now.
Think about it.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Why I've come to the pricing decision I've come to

And how it effects you, the readers.

I'm really not enjoying having to hike up my prices. And really I suppose I don't HAVE TO, nobody's actually forcing me. But I've been lurking a lot of reader forums lately and it seems as though a good amount of readers tend to snub indie authors and self pubbers who price their books <$2.99. So they won't even check out a 99 cent story. And dangit, my books are good. They're not bestsellers by any means, even if people do start buying them, but they're not crap quality.
Some might, have a few, too, many, commas, all up, in them, but I was learning, I'm still editing and updating, and it's not a huge typo flaw or massive spelling error.
But here's the good news. Once I get some reviews on my books, good or bad, I will lower the prices again. I just want there to be something a potential reader can use! Even a "book sucks don't bother" or "liked it" helps. There've been plenty of downloads of all of my books to have at least 1 or 2 reviews by now, so this shouldn't be too difficult.
But from now on, every new release will start at at least $2.99.
Coupons will be issued from time to time, and books will still be made free from time to time, but the lowest price without at least 5 reviews will be $2.99.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Random and Disturbing Thoughts

A couple of days ago, RADT was available for free for kindle, and over 130 people downloaded it. I thank you all for your downloads, and I hope you enjoy it. I would also like to ask you to please review it after you are finished. Good or bad, I appreciate each and every review that gets posted for my work.
I also invite you to check out my second "memoir" piece, That Whole 'World Ending in 2012' Thing. Both are going to be available in paperback within the next 3 weeks.

Saturday, May 05, 2012

FREE DOLLIE! Also, That Whole 'World Ending in 2012' thing is live in the Amazon Kindle Store

For five days, starting Monday, you can go to the Amazon Kindle store and get a free copy of Dollie for your kindle or kindle reading software. The promotion ends on Saturday morning around 2 or 3 AM Central time, so you've got five days to download and enjoy Dollie for FREE!
It will be the last time Dollie will be available for free through the Amazon Kindle store, as I am pulling it from the Amazon Prime program (It's not called the Amazon Prime thing for us writers, but I don't remember what it's called on our end... OH KDP select.) at the end of its current term, which is in July. So if you were planning to borrow it for free, Prime members, please remember to do so before July.

That Whole 'World Ending in 2012' Thing is now live in Smashwords, Kindle, and Nook stores, soon to be distributed to all ebook retailers, and coming out in print as a special 2fer paperback (RADT and TWWEI2012T) sometime in June? That's my best guess. I'm working really hard to get Mortality finished and polished and I'm still working to pull Nikki's Choice together for the Fatima + Nikki's Choice dual story paperback, which I'm hoping to release in August.

Nikki's Choice, the ebook version, will be put out as soon as it's done. It will ONLY be released in paperback through the dual story paperback with Fatima and a poem by my dear friend Robert Meyer.

For Mortality, I'm doing the whole 9 yards. I'm even gonna shell out money to release an audiobook of it. AND I'm gonna try to shell out money for a real book cover. Key word in that sentence: TRY. Because I don't know if I'll have that kind of money to spend. But that's where you guys come in!

Please show your support for me, you know you love me, and buy a copy of Random and Disturbing Thoughts or That Whole 'World Ending in 2012' Thing. Also if you could review any books by me that you may have purchased or gotten in free promotions, that would mean so much to me you have no idea.

Star Trek Deep Space Nine

From a very early age I was saturated in Star Wars and Star Trek, along with many other things like Disney movies and trippy 80's fantasy movies and Rogers and Hammerstein musicals- because of my mom. She was a woman who exuded passion about a lot of things. Star Trek and Star Wars were two of those things that she was really rather passionate about in her fandom bunch. She also was passionate about painting ceramic things for a long while but that almost seemed like it fizzled after a while. Anyway, when I was very young, the first thing I can remember watching with my mom aside from The Little Mermaid. In Theaters. When I was 2. I am serious. is Star Trek Deep Space Nine. I remember it for the Bread Heads, my affectionate nickname for the Ferengi, of whom I was deeply interested in Rom and Nog. Not so much Quark because he kinda freaked me out. If I remember correctly and if wikipedia and are right on their dates, Deep Space Nine ended when I was seven, and was followed by a Star Trek that I was MUCH more interested in for a long time: Star Trek Voyager. I honestly feel a little bad for geeking out so hardcore about that show for so long. Because, as I'll explain in a bit, the countless re-watchings of the show have lead me to believe it to be the ALMOST weakest series in the entire fandom. And that's saying a lot, because I was pretty interested for the first half of the first season in Enterprise, which I will always loudly proclaim to be the weakest series and the most pointless series but kind of the prettiest series because it had some dang good costumes and aliens and stuff. Anyway, it kind of became a thing for me and mom to sit together and watch Star Trek when it came in reruns for the season (she didn't want me to watch something questionable for a 7 year old, go mom!) and I don't remember a lot from those first few viewings of it, but I do remember that I thought the Doctor was a really interesting character, and now I've completely gone back on that. Yes, he's got his quirks, but they make him much more of an annoyance on par with Jar Jar Binks than make him even remotely interesting as a character. Well when I was around 11 or 12 Star Trek Voyager was being released on DVD. Or maybe it was DS9 first. I don't really remember all I know is that it was around the same time that my mom was spending probably $100 a week on Star Wars figurines because Episode 1 had just come out in theaters and there were SO many toys. So my mom bought the seasons of it, one by one, and kept asking if I was gonna sit down and watch with her. Me, being an almost teenager, was like WHATEVER, NO WAY, EW TREK YUCK. So she watched them all herself, sometimes I'd be out and I'd catch a half hour of an episode but mostly I was above that whole Trek thing. But then the other series came out on DVD and she was buying those. And she decided to rewatch both series. And the Bread Heads caught my eye, but Seven of Nine was more interesting. And so it began. I watched probably 6 episodes that time, the next rewatch I watched probably 10, and so on. The last time she rewatched the series, I saw probably 40 or 50 episodes of Voyager and closer to the entirety of Deep Space Nine. I cried when Jadzia died, cried at Sisko leaving, cried at the way they closed out the series... I laughed at Quark's schemes and Nog and Jake's ability to get in trouble. I felt for the Federation during the Dominion War and just generally geeked the fuck out. Seriously. I wrote a fanfic. I'm not kidding, you can read it right here, but don't say I didn't warn you. It's pretty... well. I was VERY proud of it when I wrote it, let's leave it at that. I really connected with Deep Space Nine and that's one of the things I'm actually really angry about right now. I'm angry that my mom died and that because she died and because Star Trek is so heavily tied to her in my mind I can't make it through the opening title to Deep Space Nine without crying much less any of the episodes. I'm pissed at that stupid anesthesiologist for not following the plan he was supposed to and just give her a spinal tap. No he had to knock her out. I lost my best friend, my mommy. I also lost Star Trek (all incarnations) and even to an extent, Star Wars. Family Guy. The Tudors.
Anyway, I just needed to blog about Star Trek today. I hope you enjoyed me geeking out, and yes, if you like the fanfic, feel free to harass me for the sequel because that's the only way it's ever gonna get done.

Thursday, May 03, 2012

I need to start using this blog more for book releases and sales and information and such

But do you think I will? I'll flake next release, just you wait and see. I've got the prologue written for Mortality, but I'm not sure if I'm going to use it. It's a lot of backstory and I'm not sure it's all necessary or not. Well, I'll figure that out in revisions I guess. There's only 78 more days *I miscounted previously* until the release of Mortality, and I need to tell y'all that I'm CRAZY excited about it. I'm working it through in my head again and again and I think I've finally got the final cut, story wise. I just need to write it down! I think I may have found an editor/beta reader, which is awesome, because I have total faith in her. :) One of my besties from like FOREVER is coming up for a visit here in a few more days and I'm SO excited. My book Paper Lanterns is going to be available for free download tomorrow on, so you should deffo look into that!

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

That Whole 'World Ending in 2012' Thing My latest memoir thing is available for sale now!
$1.99 through
Soon to be available through the kindle and nook stores as well.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Before the end of the night, another memoir

I will have a memoir out before I go to bed tonight. Just thought I'd let y'all know.
It's in the same style as Random and Disturbing Thoughts, and it will be 1.99 and it will be available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble Nook, and Smashwords.