Sunday, May 13, 2012

More information about release dates and Mortality and WHY I'M NOT FINISHING IT RIGHT NOW.

So, I'm involved in this fandom. It's pretty intense. It's called I'M A TREKKIE AND I'M GEEKING THE HELL OUT RIGHT NOW. So pretty much everything is on hold for right now. I'm working on a fanfic that is epically long, and it's ALL I can get words out for right now. I've tried. I tried really hard to work on Mortality. But I think until I get this Trek business out of the way, I'm going to be useless writing my own things.
So I'm on professional hiatus until at least June 30th. I will attempt to work on things and get them release ready starting July 1st, and for now, pricing isn't going to go up, purely because it's too much work to screw with prices on Amazon.
I appreciate everyone's patience in this matter, and I hope you'll come check out the DS9 Star Trek fics I'm writing on My username over there is DS9twilightCSI and it's not changing anytime soon, so come check out things I wrote before deciding to become a real writer.