Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Living Will Cover Reveal + More News!

I've uploaded Living Will to the Amazon Kindle store, so it should be live in about 12 hours. Until then I can point you in the direction of Twitter where you can retweet one of my tweets at @skrain_dukat (Read the tweets, it's one of my recent ones) and get a free e-book copy of Living Will! So far there's only one spot gone, so the next nine people who retweet the tweet will win a free pdf copy! (You will need to @ me some contact info (a dummy email or screenname or something, that or DM me or message me on my facebook page) so I can email you your copy!
Without further ado, here's Living Will's cover!

Sunday, July 29, 2012


Over the next month or so, I will be redoing the book covers that I'm not thrilled with (Paper Lanterns, Random and Disturbing Thoughts, and Paper Dolls, to name a few). I've already redone the cover for That Whole "World Ending in 2012" Thing, and I'm about to reveal that to you here and now! ISN'T THE SUSPENSE JUST KILLING YOU?

What do you think?  :)

Friday, July 27, 2012


Check it out! I've been able to republish many, many stories on smashwords.com again now that the 90 day exclusivity period has ended again for the KDP select program on many of the stories I've got out currently.
This is great news if you do not have a kindle or kindle software or just do not like amazon. It's wonderful news if you have an iPad, as most of these stories will be available in the iBookstore within the next couple weeks.
I'd also like to hint at a potential anthology paperback that I may or may not be working on right now... :D It would only contain all written works I have available right now, including possibly a few stories that have never been published before.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Rather Exciting News!

So, about half of a year ago, I enrolled every book I had out at that point in the KDP Select program, which allows your books to be borrowed for free by kindle prime members. HOWEVER this had a downside, as I was only allowed to publish those books through amazon kindle at that point. So for 90 day increments, I had books exclusively on amazon.com for Kindle (and other places for the paperbacks). Well I liked it so well that I enrolled many of my books for a second period, but have taken the automatic re-enrollment option off of all of them, so that tomorrow, which is July 26th for those without a calendar, the enrollment expires. For all of them (except one short story that I'm keeping exclusive to Amazon, but that will be in tomorrows blog post).
What does this mean to you? Well, if you've got a nook or another reader that doesn't do .mobi files or have a kindle app, you'll be able to read my books! If you're anti-amazon, you'll be thrilled (i hope) to learn that my books will be available through Barnes & Noble and also Smashwords. The prices that are on amazon right now will remain the proper prices through at least October; I'm in the middle of negotiations to take on another lovely writer for Destruction Productions and have not had time to decide whether or not my prices will go up. So I'm pushing that off until October so I have time to decide.

THE OTHER NEWS I have that's quite exciting is that "Living Will" (Sketchbooks, book 3) is coming out before the end of July. It is also the second-to-last book in the series, another large decision. I was originally planning to have it be a 7 book series, but then I re-wrote the ending in my outlines and there's just really not that much story past the end of "Living Will" anymore, so "Sins of The Mother" will be book 4, the LAST book in the series.
"Living Will" will cost $3.99 and will be available everywhere through the end of August, followed by a 90 day period in which it will be exclusive to Amazon so I can take advantage of the Kindle Select program with it.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

This is where books get written (really rather boring diary-type entry)

In hurried spurts, in frenzied sprees of 500, 600, 800 words at a time, and then nothing for weeks...
The perfect sentence, buried beneath countless word changes and the occasional weird comma overuse.
This is also where Jimmy hides, bugs bite, people are friendly and warm, and work doesn't suck, though the kitchen is hot as all get out. Seriously.
So far I absolutely adore living up here. Despite the fact that I've already got a flat tire (well, by the time anyone in this timezone reads this, it won't be a flat tire anymore hopefully) and my feet are just COVERED in mosquito and fly bites, I still thoroughly want to be up here. And I love my job. I haven't really gotten to the part where I have to interact with people that aren't my boss or coworkers (or the occasional inebriated patron who decides I'm gonna be their friend), so I haven't quite determined whether I like THAT aspect of the job... But people seem nice. I need to get over my aversion to striking up conversation with people I don't know. It's unpleasant. As is talking to people I don't know.

In other news, I'm still ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY thrilled that I quit BP. I was at the end of my rope with that place. When even the customers start to walk all over you, it's DEFFO time to get the hell out of there.

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Just a couple more days until I move out of Fridley

You have no idea how excited I am.
To give a point of reference for how excited I am, while I was still up there, I wrote more than 7 million words.
Yes, you read that correctly.
My mind would not shut off for about 2 full days straight, so I sat and I wrote. And wrote and wrote and wrote. More than 9000 pages later, I had the most pointless Garak/Bashir fanfic on the face of the planet. Pointless in story, pointlessly long, just plain pointless. But I wrote it. :) The screenshot of the last page with wordcount and page statistics (It's not done, but I'm done writing it for now) can be viewed on my tumblr (skraindukat).

Monday, July 02, 2012


Not really, as far as my books go, but big news for ME personally! I am moving. I'm moving FAR from Fridley, MN. I will be living behind the Trestle Inn in northern Minnesota, near Finland, MN. I will also be working at the Trestle.
I will finally be almost to my goal living space. It's just another 30 miles up highway 61 to Grand Marais.

Baby, looks like I made it.