Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Haven't posted in a long time

But that's a good thing, because it means that I've been busy.
I've written close to 40,000 words in the past three weeks, and am working on editing four different things and trying to make a bunch of cover artwork.
Random and Disturbing Thoughts, my memoir that I really only published as a joke to see how many I would sell, has two five star reviews. To put that in perspective, Martyr has 1 two-star review and Paper Dolls has 1 four-star review. Random and Disturbing Thoughts has gained two 5-star reviews in less than a month.
I'm hoping it is a sign that my work is going to start being more popular and that I'm going to earn more money so I can afford to keep on writing. I'm gonna be quick releasing a few things, some short stories, a short nonfiction piece, a novel, and a couple of DP items in the next two months because I want to make at least $1,000 for my vacation in June/July.
I can make this happen, but not without your help.
I want to say thank you to everyone who's downloaded, purchased, reviewed, or recommended any of my books, and ask that you please continue to spread the word about my books.
Also, I just noticed, my blog is up to 7 followers, which is totally awesome! I will have to start another giveaway soon, I suppose. Maybe when I reach 15 followers? I think that's a good goal to shoot for.
Speaking of giveaways, I've been having some problems getting my computer to cooperate with Createspace, so I've been unable to order the paperback copies for the winners yet. I will be sure to get those to you before the end of March.

Thursday, February 23, 2012


I suppose that's what happens when you finally get yourself to work really hard on writing, you forget about your blog and you come back to find there's 6 followers now!  WOOT!
Anyway, I will post a longer, more useful entry later on tonight or possibly tomorrow. Thanks for following!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Anyone know a way I can block facebook at will so I can get some work done?

Seriously? Because I have 10, yes, TEN things that I need to work on, five of which are within two actions of being completed and published, yet facebook. All facebook. All the time facebook.
I joined the Kindle Prime publishing thing recently with all of my books, and convinced both Jane and Chastity to do the same, and our sales have been exploding. If this keeps up the momentum, I'll be "jobless" by mid June.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

I don't write for the money (though it is a nice perk)

I honestly don't write for the money, and I really hate it when people group all of us self-published writers together as fucking money grubbers. I'm not. Yes, money is a nice perk, but I honestly count it more as people READING my work. Not giving me money to do so. Though I do enjoy entertaining the idea that someday, somehow, I'll be able to give up my retail job and only write. I would love that. I hope to do that one day. I hope to do it soon, but it isn't an immediate necessity.

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Destruction Productions

Chastity, Jane, and I have come to an executive decision regarding the future of Destruction Productions. We will not accept new writers until June of 2013. In the meantime, we will be pushing up all publishing "dates" and deadlines to four per month. Most will be shorter than five 8.5/11 pages, but some, like "A Sultry Mermaid" and "Fairy Marriage" by Chastity and "Laced" by Jane Quill will be approximately 20,000 words or more. We will also release the Cigarette Papers Volume 1 paperback, which will be a collection of short stories from all Destruction Productions writers, including Delia, who is on creative hiatus until July.

MY releases will still come out as usual. I will no longer be telling about release dates, but rather I will just blog, facebook, tweet, and forum-post it up when I notice things are for sale.

Friday, February 03, 2012

Sometimes, I Blog About Personal Stuff...

This is one of those times. Yes, I will mention a couple of "business" awesome things, but for the majority of this post I will be writing personal things. Well, more personal than normal.
I don't know if I blogged it, but my mom passed away at the end of November, we had her funeral on her birthday, and now I have a tiny urn of her ashes in my room.
Dealing with the loss, I also went out and got a bitchin' tattoo. It's a Star Trek Comm badge with my mom's name "Deborah" underneath it in cursive.
There are days when it is very tough and I cry. And there are days when it's not so tough, but I still cry. And there are days where everything is fine. I wish those days would come more often. I get a lot of work done those days.
I'm leaving for Iowa after work on Sunday. I'm gonna be spending three nights down there (three days, too) with my best friend EVER, Crysten. I've known her since we were like 6 or 7. She knows things about me even my own parents don't know.
I'm really excited, but really nervous, because I don't like freeways, and much of the drive down there is freeways. And Iowa drivers, while rather sparse, are crazy as fuck. Last time I was down there I nearly got ran off the road by a semi (Iowa plates), almost got rear ended by a tractor, and was cut off like seven times.
I guess coming from a boring state makes ya a crazy fucking driver.

Anyway, I released Paper Lanterns in paperback, it's now available for purchase through I also moved Random and Disturbing Thoughts to the Amazon store, and all of my books are live for the Kindle Lending Library.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

A winner is you!

Winners for the contest (please see facebook page for proof of randomness of picks)

Grand Prize: Claire Reeve
First runner up: Merilyn Guerra
Second runner up: Sleo8
Third runner up: Em Malik's Kitchen

A recap of prizes:
Claire Reeve will receive both Paper Dolls and Paper Lanterns ebooks, both Paper Dolls and Paper Lanterns signed paperbacks, and a kickass Destruction Productions hoodie.

Merilyn Guerra and Sleo8 both will receive signed copies of Paper Dolls (paperback)

Em Malik's Kitchen will receive the e-book of Paper Lanterns.

If you haven't already, please email me your info so I can send your stuff out!  :D Congrats to you all!