Monday, September 01, 2014

I Hate Coming Up With Blog Post Titles

Unless I have one very specific topic to talk about, I suck at blog post titles. Considering just doing song titles or something. Whatever.
It’s appalling how little writing I’ve been doing lately, but I have at least been plotting out a couple of very large projects. I’m still working on that whole ‘don’t announce things until they’re ready for publication’ thing so I’m not gonna go into more detail about those big projects just yet.
Nor am I going to confirm or deny that I’ve been tossing around ideas for Stella’s Saga Book 2 recently.
Nor will I confirm or deny the final installment of Sketchbooks within the next two years. (Yikes, that one got away from me.)
But I will confirm that the next few releases will be packed with characters and settings and verbs. Many verbs. Probably some adjectives and a multitude of nouns as well.
My next release will be on a day that end with the letter ‘y.’
Actually what I can tell you about is the sudden surge of people reading Confessions of a Fangirl. Or buying/borrowing it from amazon. It was my bestselling book in August. I’m still wondering why exactly it’s gotten so popular as of late.