Monday, May 19, 2014

Professional Ride Giver

That would be my current job title. Of course, in parentheses, I’d add “also, writer.” But I am a professional ride giver and it is a fun job. It gets me out of the house for 3-8 hours a day, 4-6 days per week. And it pays the bills.
I’ve been lucky to find a job such as this, but it makes me feel utterly lazy in my writing. I don’t have the stamina I did even just from November until April. I don’t write 2000+ words everyday anymore. And that kinda bothers me.
I’ve started to wonder if I’m settling into this job, this title that I literally just made up and gave to myself five seconds before I started writing this post. It is what I do. People ask me who I am when I arrive with my boss to places but I never really know what to tell them my role is. Usually I’ll just say “assistant” but that’s so not what I am. I’m a ride giver.
I think I’m going to try to do something again. I’m gonna come up with a list of prompts and stuff and for 30 days I’ll have to follow at least one prompt each day and I’ll have to write something pertaining to that prompt or something. I haven’t come to any real decision on it, but I know something’s gotta be done about my writing habits. Albuquerque should be more than 2100 words right now and it’s not.
I need to start taking walks again. Go outside. Write in the back of a van. Find my inspiration again.

Monday, May 05, 2014

Back To Normal?

So, apparently quite a lot has changed over my writing hiatus (which I laugh at every time I call it that). I’ve discovered now that I have to reward myself for writing original fiction again. It’s difficult! I had forgotten all the underlying reasons I no longer wrote fanfiction. It makes writing things with my own characters (and only my own characters) so much more difficult.
Not impossible, but difficult.
And so I think I’m actually going to have to keep on a schedule in order to keep me interested in what I’m writing (even though I love Albuquerque and I’m so ready to have it out in the world for others to enjoy) and that’s an entirely new thing for me.
I’m not giving myself time constraints. I have a rough deadline, but it’s not imperative that I keep with it as long as I get the book written (thank god for being my own boss!) and I don’t drive myself nuts trying to do it.
Odd days (May 5th, 7th, 9th, etc.) will be days I work on Albuquerque. If I can write at least 1500-2000 words on Albuquerque before stopping, I can work on my fanfiction as well.
Even days (May 6th, 8th, 10th, etc.) will be fanfiction/other small project days. If I feel up to it I can work on Albuquerque a bit on these days too, but they’re meant almost as “reward” days at this stage because getting even 10 words out on Albuquerque is difficult right now.
Shaking off the rust and getting my characters out of storage. Hoping that this time next week I’ll have a good 10k words written and I’ll have been worried for nothing.

Saturday, May 03, 2014

Writing Again!

Not that I actually stopped, but I did take a professional writing hiatus starting in early April. It’s up here on May 5th, and that means I’ll be back to a full workload, which is going to be both awesome and sucky. Awesome because it will mean that Albuquerque will be back on the road to publication, but sucky because it means that my already slow updating schedule for my phanfic, Something To Sing About, is going to be even slower and possibly more erratic.
I’m really excited to get back to writing my own characters a bit more exclusively, and I can tell that I missed writing my own stuff while I was exclusively writing fanfiction there for a while because I created some pretty fun and interesting original characters to inject into Something To Sing About.
(Particularly Joanna and Philippe. They’re both fantastic, even if I do say so myself.)
So I’m enjoying two more days of “vacation” and only working on fanfiction. What are you guys spending your weekend doing?