Monday, May 19, 2014

Professional Ride Giver

That would be my current job title. Of course, in parentheses, I’d add “also, writer.” But I am a professional ride giver and it is a fun job. It gets me out of the house for 3-8 hours a day, 4-6 days per week. And it pays the bills.
I’ve been lucky to find a job such as this, but it makes me feel utterly lazy in my writing. I don’t have the stamina I did even just from November until April. I don’t write 2000+ words everyday anymore. And that kinda bothers me.
I’ve started to wonder if I’m settling into this job, this title that I literally just made up and gave to myself five seconds before I started writing this post. It is what I do. People ask me who I am when I arrive with my boss to places but I never really know what to tell them my role is. Usually I’ll just say “assistant” but that’s so not what I am. I’m a ride giver.
I think I’m going to try to do something again. I’m gonna come up with a list of prompts and stuff and for 30 days I’ll have to follow at least one prompt each day and I’ll have to write something pertaining to that prompt or something. I haven’t come to any real decision on it, but I know something’s gotta be done about my writing habits. Albuquerque should be more than 2100 words right now and it’s not.
I need to start taking walks again. Go outside. Write in the back of a van. Find my inspiration again.