Sunday, July 14, 2013

A question I get asked a lot...

Novels. Why don't you write them, Emma? Emma, why do you stick with short stories? EMMA WRITE A NOVEL!

Emma doesn't write novels. Emma really doesn't have the attention span, okay?
I get burnt out on writing too quickly to actually write books. I have a really hard time trying to write anything more than 20k words. I can do series, I can do shorts, I can do long-winded blog post rant things-
I have the hardest time trying to actually focus on one story and a single cast of characters past about 50000 total words. That's why most things are series and most series are short.
That being said, I am working on a novel that I will be pushing out sometime next month. I am warning you right now that it's not my best work, nor am I proud of it. I am publishing it purely because I want the world to know why I do not write novels and maybe back off a bit?
I don't mean to sound rude about it, but seriously. I don't want to build up your hopes with false promises of a brilliant opus that will invariably shock the literary world. It's not. Let me tell you what Ice is. Ice is Twilight with slightly better vampires and a rape scene. THAT IS ALL IT IS. So far it is 30k words of PURE SCHLOCK.