Friday, May 11, 2012

Star Trek DS9: A War We Cannot Win

Is the title of the novel-length sequel to "The Spy," my other Star Trek DS9 fic (which I'm also giving a complete overhaul so expect it to be longer and more polished). I've started writing it, but do NOT expect any release dates any time soon. Chapters will have set release dates, but it will be long after I've got at least four chapters done that even one chapter will be released.
All releases (fanfic) will be done at My username is DS9twilightCSI, as those are the only three fandoms I will ever write for again. There would have to be some new splendiforous fandom emerging for me to even consider deviating from those three. And I hardly write fanfic anymore.
But seeing as it is writing, I figure I can direct y'all over to my profile. The Spy has 20 reviews. 20. That's five times the total reviews I have on all of my books I can legally sell right now.
Think about it.