Saturday, April 14, 2012

Custom Dolls and Ponies and Stuff!

So, this past week has been epic. My friend Buri suggested that she and I start trying to customize MLP dolls, and that led to me deciding to add Barbies and Bratz to that, so now flash forward a few days and I've already made a custom doll. It was a brown/black-haired Bratz doll that had bright red lips with pink sparkles and brown eyes with ugly brown eye shadow. Now she's a juggalette. That links to my etsy listing for her. She's $25 plus shipping, which is $5 (unless you're from outside of the US, then it's $10).

We went thrift store hopping yesterday and scored a metric buttload of used Bratz and Barbies and a few Liv and Moxie Girl dolls. I think we may have even found some "my scene" Barbies, which I cannot wait to strip of their hair and laugh in their faceless faces.