Wednesday, August 12, 2015

An Updated Weekly Check In

Okay so I know I did my weekly "this is what I'm up to" post already but I figured I should probably amend that.
I'm not directly working on any one project right now because I can't commit to anything. I'm far too focused on Weird Al right now, and even that's not entirely the truth. I can't focus on anything right now. I'm having a really tough time of it even managing to stay in my work routine.
Nothing I write is coming out right. And I do mean NOTHING I write is coming out right. And that sucks.
I'm normally a writer that doesn't draft. I'll write a chapter, go back and edit it a bit, write another chapter and go back and edit that and the previous one, so on and so forth suddenly book.
Now it's like I can't even get to that first chapter mark.
I've been sitting on like eight projects since the release of Forgotten Melodies and nothing I start actually has that spark, that potential, that.... THING I saw in my finished stuff that actually made me want to finish it. Nothing's clicking.
It's really annoying.
I'm very much a writer who doesn't write. And that is a sucky place to be, my friends.