Sunday, August 02, 2015

The State Of the Writer (A day late oops)

Okay so yeah I have to figure out what I'm going to call these weekly blog posts but whatever. Anyway. I got absolutely NOTHING written on anything of importance this past week. Nothing I'm writing is holding my attention at all. So I've written up a list of books I'm gonna work on reading. I'm still gonna be working on some writing of course but I think I've gone too long without reading a whole book and that's probably starting to affect my writing a bit. I'm stagnating.
Anyway, my projects for the week will be:

  • Finish reading The Selection
  • Start reading Jurassic Park
  • Try working on Albuquerque
So right now there's 47 days between me and my next Weird Al concert. I'm insanely excited for it. I've never been so insanely privileged as I've been this year in being able to go to three concerts so far and possibly TWO more. I mean, I'm definitely going to one more. But I might go to the one the next night too. I haven't really decided. I probably should before tickets sell out. 
That's pretty much it.