Saturday, January 28, 2012

Paper Dolls, Amazon Prime, and Jessica Musso

Good news, everyone! Paper Dolls has been flying off the virtual shelf today! That's because it's FREE for download on the kindle store this weekend. It's free because I have exciting and slightly sad news. I've enrolled Paper Dolls, my very first novella to ever hit the general public, in the KDP Select program. This means that I can get a slice of that lending library pie each month when my book is borrowed by Prime members. This also means that, unfortunately for people who use other platforms to read, Paper Dolls is ONLY available in ebook form from Amazon. But you can download a kindle app for just about every other device. For free. So it's not SO terrible, but I feel a bit bad removing it from so many other markets. I want to take a moment to thank the wonderful and talented Jessica Musso (author of "The Secret of Wolf River) for talking to me about the KDP Select program last night. Make sure you go give her some love. :) I'm still swamped with work on all my other random projects, so you just KNOW that something good is coming soon. I can't really set any release dates, but it will all be very soon, like, prior to May/June soon. Well, I'm gonna end this blog now so I can get back to work (both at my physical job and my writing job). Don't forget to go check out my giveaway, there's only a couple more days before the deadline. (Hint, it's the post entitled GIVEAWAY)