Thursday, January 05, 2012

The Bump, part 2 (Read part one over at I'm A Wife and Mama Now!)

"Hailey, come ON," Shannon whined, shoving me forcefully into the house. I stumbled and snagged the welcome mat with the heel of one of the insane shoes I had

put back on. Once inside, the door was shut and locked. A bookshelf was propped up in front of the door, too.
"Hailey?" someone asked. I turned in the direction of the voice. "Come with me," they said, and someone grabbed my arm.
"Uh, Shannon-" I called.
"Don't worry. She's got a different Mom."
"What?" The person, whom I had idenfitied as a Senior girl named Bethany, pulled me down into the basement. We passed small groups of people, some huddled

together sobbing, others laughing hysterically, and one group trying to have sex while still fully clothed.
We squeezed past crowds of people who seemed to be standing around just for the sake of standing around, and found our way to a large walk-in closet. Bethany

got me inside and shut the door.
"First time at a Greg party?" she asked, turning her attention to me. A single light bulb hung from a cord, dangling in the center of the room, casting a dim,

shadowy light on the closet. I couldn't quite read her face in the dim light.
"Um, yeah... I don't know why I'm here..." I stammered. She stared at me.
"Honestly, I don't know what you're doing here, either. But Greg's said that you get special treatment, so I'm your personal Mom for the night. I have to stay

sober to make your trip isn't shitty."
Despite the crappy lighting, I could see her rolling her eyes. She reached up to the top shelf and pulled something down.
"Smoke this," she said idly, a statement to the air, as she tossed something at me. It was a baggy with a pack of matches and a very fat blunt.
"I don't smoke," I protested, tossing it back at her.
"Well that's too damn bad. Smoke, or you can go back out there and tell Shannon she can't be here."
I sighed and opened the baggie. I couldn't do that to Shannon, much as I wanted to get out of there. It took a few matches, but I finally got the thing lit, and

Bethany forced me to sit in the corner, facing a shoe rack. She held the blunt to my mouth and plugged my nose, forcing me to take a hit. I took in too much and

coughed for what seemed like hours.
"You take good deep hits of that, or Greg'll make you smoke another."
"I changed my mind, I want to go home."
"You can't go now, doll, you've already started smoking. Your parents would find out."
She had me there.
"Now smoke."
And I did, until there wasn't enough left for me to hold on to.
"Eat this," Bethany said, just as I turned to let her know I'd smoked the whole thing. She shoved something in my mouth. It wasn't exactly a pleasant taste, but

I chewed and swallowed.
"Now, in a little while you're gonna be completely fucked up, come on out of the closet when that happens. I will be just on the other side of the door."
"Don't leave me, Bethany-" I begged. For some reason I couldn't explain, I was sobbing.
I had never had such a reaction to weed, and I'd eaten my fair share of special brownies and I'd smoked a couple times before, and while similar, this wasn't

the same as those times. Was it laced? I couldn't know for sure.
Bethany closed the door behind her, and I immediately began clawing at it. I didn't want to be alone. I couldn't stand the idea of it. Not in the dim light of

that closet, that was for certain. It seemed like I was trapped there for ages.
I couldn't hear anything, I couldn't see anything.
Was I dead?
"What are you doin' here, girl?" one of the dresses that was hanging up on the far side of the closet asked me. I didn't think to question the fact that a dress

was talking.
"Well, Shannon needed me to come to this thing," I replied.
"Damn, girl, you know this isn't you. Get upstairs and get out of here while you still can. Who knows what they just gave you. Go!"
So, paranoid and hallucinating, I scrambled to my feet and pushed my way out the door. It was easier than expected, but I suppose that Bethany probably waited

until I stopped fighting and then went off to party on her own. I made my way through the now darkened basement, the only light coming from a strobe light near

the stairs.
I found myself staring at random things in the flickering light, stopping to admire the beauty of creepy shadows.
"There you are!" Shannon exclaimed, slamming into me. I lost my balance and we collapsed onto a couch. "What'd they give you?"
I opened my mouth, only to realize I didn't remember how to speak. Shannon gave me a look that could have meant anything and leaned down so her mouth was right

next to my ear. "They made me take shots of rum and some shrooms. I heard there's also dust, X, and lucy around, and everyone's best friends with MJ tonight."
I shook my head, pushing her away. It drove me nuts when she spoke in "code."
She laughed, slapping me in the shoulder. She was hitting me hard, and I'm sure it would have hurt under any other circumstances. "You're fucked up. I can't

believe it. You're more fucked up than me for once! Congrats, bitch!"
Her voice was growing smaller and smaller, and some music began playing. It took me forever to realize that the music was actually playing and wasn't just in my

"Shhhhh" I finally managed to say, pressing my finger to my lips. I looked around the room, my head throbbing from the strobe light, trying to figure out where

the music was coming from. That was when I saw Greg standing across the room, staring at me. I tried hard to glare at him, but I couldn't find it in me to be

against him. I couldn't find it in me to be against anything. Our eyes met and he came over. He helped me up and held me steady as I tried to find my balance.
"Hailey, I'm glad you came. I've got a special surprise for you. Can you climb the stairs?"
I looked at the stairs, they seemed to stretch on and on forever. I shook my head, trying not to let it loll about like I was drunk. Greg chuckled, and it

sounded almost evil. I didn't care though, and he swept me off my feet, carrying me up the stairs. I wrapped my arms around his neck, giggling.
"Damn girl, how light are you?" he asked, adjusting how he held me once we got to the top of the stairs.
"A- A lady never tells," I replied. I was beginning to find it difficult to keep my eyes open. I barely noticed that he carried me up a second flight of stairs.

I was coherent enough to protest as I realized he brought me into his bedroom, but I was so exhausted. I don't know for sure what happened next, but I woke up

to Shannon shaking me, screaming about being late for school.
We somehow made it to school on time, and apparently made it to all our classes, but I don't remember anything until almost seven that night, when I crawled

from my bed (which I had crawled into immediately upon reaching home) and took up residence in the bathroom, hugging the cold porcelain of the toilet. I vomited

off an on for about three hours before climbing into the shower and letting myself get soaked in my clothes. I slept like that until morning, when I woke,

freezing my ass off. I told my parents I was too sick to go to school, and stayed home.
It was odd, almost as though I was re-entering my body. I was freezing for the first half of the day, so I remained in bed, but whatever I had been on, it was

trippy to come down from. The closet was attacking my desk, parts of my room were melting, and I was sure that I was floating. Once that stopped, I began

wandering the house, trying to forget that the party had ever happened.

It was two weeks before I noticed that something was wrong. I was late. I had never been late, my period had come every 30 days since it began, faltering only

once when it came about 6 hours late.
This time, however, I was much more than 6 hours late. I was going on a week and a half. And on top of that, Shannon had been avoiding me since the party.
"Shannon!" I hollered as I approached our locker. She was still unpacking her bag, and pretended not to hear me. "Shannon, I really need to talk to you."
"If you need to talk to someone so bad why don't you go talk to Greg?" she snapped.
"You shouldn't have lied to me, Hailey," she slammed the locker shut, "You knew I liked him! And you still fucking slept with him! Well you can have him, I hope

it was worth it!"