Wednesday, January 04, 2012

I Proudly Present: Fatima Sarraf and "Bump" announcement

I have decided on something, and therefore am proud to announce a series of books I will be releasing in the near future under a pseudonym.  Mommy Tales by Fatima Sarraf. So far, I have planned 5 picture books and a couple of young reader chapter books. They will all be about Muslim values and the stories of the Prophets.
Fatima Sarraf. Some of you might recognize that as the name of the main character in "Fatima." Well, irrelevant to the Cedarcrest Chronicles is what the girls (and boys) grow up to do. That's not interesting for young adults. But after graduating with honors at Cedarcrest, Fatima Sarraf goes on to get a teaching degree and a master's in Islamic studies, marries a Shayk (Sheik? Sp?), and has three children: Adam, Maryam, and Ibrahim. Her children are full of questions. Mommy Tales is full of answers. (Note, official title of the series may change, nothing is publishable yet.)

The Bump. That elusive part two. When will I post it? Why do I suck so much?