Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Things I'm Doing

So I go on my final big trip of the year in 13 days. *Sniff* I swear this year has gone by far too fast, but it also feels like it's dragged on forever. The New York City trip feels like it was years ago already. Las Vegas had to be last year sometime.
But no. Those happened this year. And in about 15 days I'll be in Laughlin, Nevada for my final "Weird Al" Yankovic concert of the year (which is in 17 days). I'm excited. I have a third row inside aisle seat this time. Kimo's side. Should be a pretty damn good seat.
I've been keeping up really well on #drawweirdaleveryday, which is a first for me. I don't usually keep up with any of the weird little challenges or whatever that I set out for myself. I am an incredibly lazy person by nature.
I still haven't written anything and I haven't finished reading Jurassic Park yet. Nope. Hoping that I'll be back to writing by October. I know I'll be more focused on things that aren't an accordion player with amazing hair and the best giggle on the damn planet by then.
I'm already packed for the trip. I've got all my clothes (save for the Tacky shirt that I had to order a size bigger and that I'm hoping will arrive before I leave) packed and about 90% of everything else packed, too. The only things I can't pack yet are sketchbooks (using them for #drawweirdaleveryday), my pencils/colored pencils (again, #drawweirdaleveryday), my laptops (um, no), and my wig (I don't want it to deflate).