Tuesday, September 29, 2015

I'm Almost Twenty-Seven

In fifteen days I will turn twenty-seven, and my twenty-seventh year on this planet has been easily my favorite since before middle school.
So the last time I updated y'all on the comings and goings of my life, I was updating from a motel 6 while on a huge undertaking of a drive from Minneapolis, MN to Laughlin, NV for the second to last North American show of the Mandatory World Tour 2015. And boy did I ever have fun on that trip!
I saw more wildlife on that trip than I've seen driving at any other time. I drove the entire trip home in two days, most of that being on the second day.
I was in Laughlin for the better part of three days. Wednesday evening, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday morning.
Thursday I did nothing, Friday I spent the day getting ready for the concert and then Friday night I went and saw the Weird Al concert I'd driven 27 hours to see (I'm not even kidding, it was 26 hours and 58 minutes in the damn car on the way out there) and after the concert I went to the meet n greet for czar ticket holders.
I've talked the topic to death and my vlog on the subject is hugely long, but suffice it to say that September 18th was easily the best night of my life so far. Those two minutes I spent next to my idol meant more to me than any other pair of minutes in my life so far.
And since I've returned I've been fairly productive. I've been working on outlining Something To Sing About, which is the sequel to Forgotten Melodies. I also added a daily drawing tag (#drawraminkarimloodaily) to my already fairly longstanding daily drawing tag (#drawweirdaleveryday) and I've been enjoying learning how to draw the Iranian Canadian Cutie.

I'm finally to a point in my life where I actually do find myself looking forward to the future, even if I don't always find myself looking forward to tomorrow. Any tomorrow. It's amazing what two minutes can do for your self confidence and self esteem.