Thursday, October 17, 2013

You're Probably Right, I'm A Little Bit Crazy

But it just might be a lunatic you're lookin for! (Shush I know I got the lyrics wrong I DON'T CARE WAH) anyway hey guys WOW I'm really kind of shocked to see that two days ago, inexplicably, I got like 40 views on here! WOW that's amazing! I've not updated in a while and I come back to see that. That's some amazing stuff right there, man.
So I just wanted to kind of give y'all an update on what's going on with the Emma and you know what I've been doing and whatever without giving you any reason to really have your hopes up or anything. I've started working on a couple of new projects, one that I'm hoping to be able to talk about very, very soon. The others, well, not so much. I'm working about as fast as I can work, which is about the speed of a turtle in January in Antarctica. But you know, that's okay! As long as I keep going, I will eventually finish all these projects I've started.
I'm actually really excited to share one of the things I'm working on with you because it's very personal and actually something I've been wanting to write for a long while, yet haven't had the proper inspiration for it. Until now none of it has come out right, but now it's really starting to seem that I will be able to share it with the world REALLY soon!

And I suppose I can probably tell you all about the wonders that happened last Saturday night. So some of you might know that this past weekend was my birthday weekend (Monday I turned 25. Yes, I'm 25 now) and I was out of town all weekend. We drove out into the darkness Thursday evening and drove straight through to Chicago. We got into Chicago at just about 9AM and we went to the Field Museum and saw Sue (that really big T-Rex skeleton) and a bunch of other things (including a wall of ducks which prompted a video of me showing the world "how many ducks I give. Look at all the ducks I give!")
And then we found a hotel and crashed for like 15 hours. Saturday we woke up and got ready and drove into downtown and picked up a friend and we all went to the Weird Al concert in Joliet. That was hectic, trying to get the logistics of all that down (and trying to convince the valet parking dude that no, we didn't need to be parked, we were simply waiting for our friend!) and then driving those terrible freeways in Chicago. That was awful. I really don't want to drive in Chicago again for a looooooong time.
Well the concert was amazing, I started crying as we got to our seats and we were in the second row! It was CRAZY! The concert was SO good and I didn't think the night could get any better- and then it did.
The following is a picture that more aptly describes what happened than I could ever describe:
Yes, that's me. 
Yes, that's Weird Al.
Yes, that actually happened.