Sunday, October 06, 2013

If you've ever wondered

If you've ever wondered quite why I never get anything released when I say I'm going to, it's mostly due to the fact that I'm constantly working on at least four projects at once. Sometimes it's as many as 100. Last year it was 100. Hell, at one point before I ever even really considered publishing anything (except as a far-off dream) I would work on 20-30 projects a week AND FINISH ALL OF THEM.
But now there's that desperation for quality, but there's also the call of the fans for a finished product. So I'm very often left at an impasse. Hell, a lot of the time I get to about the halfway point and I get too bored of it to continue, or I start stressing that I've lost the original message I wanted to get across with the work. Or that the project has lost its soul.
So I abandon it. I start fresh. That's what's happened with both planned sequels for Viscera and the last book of the Sketchbooks Series.
That's what's happened with the Cedarcrest Series. TWICE.
Hell it happened sixteen times with Paper Dolls long before I ever planned on publishing it. I never planned on showing it to anybody but my mom and yet I had to restart it that many times.
And then the entirety of Paper Dolls was written in about two weeks.
So please, please bear with me when I say that I'm going to release something in a certain month (or year) and then I fall through. It's not intentional. I just want to give you the best product I can.
I will no longer be announcing anything I'm working on except in passing. You'll know what I'm doing when it's already out.
So if I get quiet or don't update my blog for a reeeeeeally long time, it's not me trying to keep you in the dark. It's me trying to not get your hopes up.
Because I love you, dear readers. And I want you to get the best possible things that can come from my brain.
And that's also why I'm holding that writing contest. Because I really want to give you the best possible things. And sometimes that means having some help.