Monday, June 03, 2013

Writing Gore

Whenever I have the chance, I like to write gratuitous violence with massive amounts of gore. It's just sort of how I am. The task of novelizing the "Hostel" series of movies would probably be about the most amazing thing I could ever do, to be honest. I'd have a blast doing it.
Some of the people who've read my more gore-filled stories (And Jessie, Too; Viscera) have asked me, point blank, how I manage to write such weirdly beautiful, vivid descriptions of a person's internal organs becoming external.
Well it's really simple: I put on Weird Al's "Pancreas" song and just kinda let it flow.
I kid you not. The happier the tune, the more vibrant and gorey the violent scene in my story will be. "Pancreas," for those who've never heard the tune, is a VERY upbeat song about the pancreas. It's bright. It's happy. It's the perfect backdrop for zombie guts to be splattering against the walls and floors.
Need to chop someone's head off in a story? Try "A Complicated Song" by Weird Al. Defenestrate someone? "Melanie" by Weird Al (even features defenestration!).
Basically, what I'm trying to say is that Weird Al is the perfect music backdrop for writing. Also I like writing gore. A lot.