Sunday, June 09, 2013

"Gas Station" Gets a 4-Star Review!

From Amazon user "Navy vet…vt town"

"Welcome to Minnesota….

Stella has been a clerk on the night shift for 6 years. Her boyfriend, Johnny, comes to visit once in a while....

On this snowy and cold night, the Z's come out to play! Not having much for protection in the store, they end up with an axe for Stella and a baseball bat improvised with some nails for Johnny.

This is one scary short story that will make you want to outrun the Zombies!! Will the car start or not?

I named her Stella the Severer!! What a job she does with the axe.

Will they be able to outrun and outwit these creatures?

Who will survive this attack? Any other survivors around?"

Thanks you, Amazon user "Navy vet…vt town!" Your review made my night.

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