Monday, December 31, 2012

Writing progress #1

The snow had fallen all night. I knew, because I’d sat up watching it. Now, as the sun began to peak through the clouds at the horizon, the snow was just beginning to let up.
Twelve inches of fluffy white snow coated my front yard- and my car.

She raised an eyebrow. “Don’t you know who I am?” she asked, her voice taking that awkward squeak that only teen girls seem to be able to produce.
“Let me guess,” I said, “You’re some sort of angel sent to change my course back to whatever some bullshit god wants?” She giggled a high-pitched, ear-splitting giggle reminiscent of the sound two wine glasses make when clinked together.
“I suppose, in a sense, you may be right. I mean, at one time in my existence, I was an angel. Me and that ‘bullshit god,’ as you called her, had a bit of a falling out. I took it a bit more literally,” she said, casually checking her fingernails.
“I’m the dark Lord Satan.” Her eyes shot to me, a smirk on her lips.
“No, really.” I rubbed my forehead skeptically.
Her expression turned serious, her mouth twisting into an inhuman scowl. “You think I can’t choose the vessel through which I experience this world? Am I supposed to be some middle-aged man who runs a tobacco company and donates money to organizations that club seals?”
“At least then you might have a decent voice,” I countered. It was truly difficult to take her seriously. She’d assaulted me with pompoms, for fuck’s sake. I was glad that she’d dropped those chasing me, though. Otherwise, there was a good chance I’d have one being forced down my throat by now with the looks she was giving me.
“Oh, burn,” she said, rolling her eyes.
“Well really, what can you do as a bimbo cheerleader who’s still in high school that you couldn’t as a CEO of a megacorporation or something?”
“As if I’d give you my whole plan. You children sure are predictable. You’ll just have to wait and see.” It was then that I noticed it- her skin was glowing. In some spots it was only a pale white-ish glow that made her look even paler than she usually did, but in other spots it was orange and it nearly obscured all of her natural skin tone.
Maybe she really was Satan.