Thursday, December 13, 2012

Tumblr Was Down

And I panicked.
No, really.
Allow me to screenshot my Facebook timeline from the time when Tumblr was down.
Yeah, I kinda flipped shit about it. (Click to see a bigger, more readable size)

Anyway, this weekend I am setting out to begin writing one short story every night, to be released at the end of the week (Friday evenings) in a story collection on the Kindle, free for the first 5 days and then 1.99 after.
These will be absolutely random stories, just whatever happens to pop into my head. I will also be working on that Sci-Fi story that lenniershairlessballs over on tumblr prompted so I might release it in the third or fourth collection I release hopefully.
When I've got enough collections to warrant a paperback, I will release a 200-400 page paperback filled with these stories. And I will repeat this until I'm a super famous writer who's loved by millions of people!  Er, I mean I will repeat this until I finally actually write a novel and release that instead of short stories.
Anyhoo, I'm writing too much on this blog right now. I will try to update every day or every other day with story titles and character information and stuff.
See ya!