Sunday, March 04, 2012

Murder (A high school Speech team reject)

True to form, I may have been talking about "Murder" the past few days, but I never gave a real release date. Well, now I will. It'll be out within the next 12 hours, whenever Amazon sees fit.
Major props and huge shout out to my friend/former college instructor, Cara Bennett, who is actually on the cover of "Murder."
Swanky cover, innit?  :)

Murder is priced at $1.00, but will eventually go down to $0.99 when Amazon stops being a tool and lets me set the price at $0.99. It fought me tooth and nail to even let me publish it last night.

Also, huge-ish type news. You will soon be able to subscribe to this blog right from your kindle and get all my awesome updates delivered right to your kindle! KINDLEKINDLEKINDLEKINDLEKINDLE! Kindle! Kindle. Kindle?

Sorry, got stuck in a loop there.

I'm still considering changing a few things about the cover for "Murder," mostly the color scheme. But for now, I'm happy with how it looks, and it's my 7th (self)published work! Super happy about that.