Sunday, March 11, 2012

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Really, I'm running out of blog titles.
Back, before the demise of GreatestJournal, I blogged constantly and I rarely had titles. This property does not follow through with my books, as I figure out a title FIRST, then do all the "dirty work" of writing it. It pretty much goes Title, Main Character, Supplemental Characters, Setting, Plot, Bad Guys, Genre, Content, Book Cover. Editing occurs all throughout the process, and it does get one final look over in a printed out version so I can find any weird anomalies.
Take right now for instance. I just got the idea for a story titled "Her Deepest Desire." The main character would be a girl of 16, an orphan, her name would be Naoma Liddel, and she would live with a foster family. Et cetera.
I come up with that information first, and the rest of it just flows. By the time I get to Supplemental Characters, I've already started writing the book. Sure, the first few paragraphs will change and evolve through the entire process, but most of the time the first sentence I write is what ends up being the first sentence of the book.

But I digress, as that was not the intended purpose of this blog entry.

First off, I want to show off this lovely link here:  you can subscribe to this blog on your kindle. It's 99 cents per month with a 14 day trial period. Each entry would automatically be delivered to your kindle.

Also, almost all of my published works will be available for free for the FINAL TIME until after May tomorrow. Only Random and Disturbing Thoughts and Paper Lanterns will be left out, as I don't have any more free days for them.