Sunday, July 31, 2011

My life, right now

Hey there, blogoverse. Blogosphere? People of the Internet, uh, hello, is this thing on?
It must be, because I'm doing a post about me (with some mild book-related stuff toward the end).
Today I got a phone call from my best friend, Crysten, saying that she was in town (which is rare because she lives all the way down in Iowa, approximately 10 hours away). She came and we hung out and caught up a bit in the parking lot of my apartment building, and I got to meet her son for the first time, and he's about to turn two. I was so glad to see them, to hug them-
But the hole that it has left in me is killing me now. Her leaving again, with her kid (the last time I had seen her she was only starting to be pregnant (I mean she was like maybe three months), and now her kid's about to turn two, and I don't know when I'll see them again. I want desperately to get in the car and drive down to Iowa and hide in her closet.
I have separation anxiety I think. Every time I've ever had to let go of someone, even for them to just go home from a sleepover at my house or vice versa, I get depressed, I get anxious, and I get bored. It feels as though I'll never be happy again, never complete, never myself. It passes pretty quickly, usually, with the exception of a few people: Crysten, my ex-boyfriend Jon, my ex-roommates in Cali JJ and Jax. The pain from the latter three just finally eased enough for me to breathe again within the last year.
I'm trying to occupy my mind so I don't dwell too much on the fact that my best friend since 1st Grade lives too far away for me to visit, so I've done some work (in my head) on Paper Lanterns (October 14th, 2011) and Sucker (June 2012). I've decided more about MY version of vampires, and that will be revealed slowly as I build to the releases of my vampire-based novels Sucker and Elizabeth Hayes.

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