Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Current Timeline

Good news, everyone!  Sketchbooks #2: Paper Lanterns is about 10000 words from completion, and will be submitted to the editor(s) at the end of August. It is on the right track to being released with no delay on the date I have specified previously, my 23rd birthday, October 14th of 2011. After this release, one Sketchbooks Series book will be released every birthday until the final book is out.
I still plan to release Random Thoughts: a Peek Into My Brain in December, along with an anthology of short stories (not all by me) entitled Cigarette Papers.
Mortality, My Sister's Keeper, and Roma and Julie are my next big projects, to be released in June each year for the next three years, starting, most likely, with Roma and Julie. I am working on so many books right now that I'm not really sure what the next thing to be released will be.
I am working very hard on my writing, and I believe that I am still working within my 30 novels before I turn 30 deadlines.