Sunday, July 17, 2011

It's 3 AM and I should be doing anything but this

And yet I choose to waste my last few minutes before going to bed on blogging. I've only written about 100 words of fiction today, and that has to at least be up by 40X tomorrow and the next day and the next day. Why? Because I'm behind on just about every writing project I currently have. But then again, having to work double time often produces pretty good results from me, I'm good with pressure.
Bossman comes back from his epic long vacation tomorrow, should be back by Monday. Cannot wait to have him back, working with no real manager? So not fun. I'm a person who needs that leadership structure if I'm gonna be working teh retails.

Aside from that, I only have one thing to say with this blog: Reviews. Now, downloads are nice, books being bought are awesome, but it's all pointless if I get no feedback whatsoever. A "hey, this book rocked!" would be nice, as would, "Oh my god this person can't write worth a shit!!" The fact that I've had 1 (seriously, only ONE) review since I started publishing is kinda disheartening. Please, if  you have read my work, PLEASE REVIEW. I cannot get better if I don't know what I need to improve on.