Thursday, October 22, 2015


I'm pretty much constantly doing something to work toward one of my goals right now. I'm either writing on one of the four stories I've got open on Scrivener or drawing for one of my art tags (of which I've got three as of mid next week), or reading one of the like six books I'm working on, or knitting a legwarmer or a patch for my ugly blanket, or making a vlog/other video for my youtube.
I'm doing stuff all the time and as energized and jazzed to be doing this stuff as I am, I know I'm gonna wear down soon. It's a lot of work, working toward the person I want to be.
But I'm gonna get there dammit.
I dyed my hair tonight. It's the same two colors it's been since May, but it's nice and dark and vibrant and pretty. Hopefully it'll hold up for a few weeks again.
I really wanna get somewhere in life and I wanna get there faster than I've been going.
Here's to goals. Here's to sticking with things that aren't always easy to stick with. Here's to drinking egg nog out of a yellow solo cup in October as you write a blog entry.