Saturday, August 24, 2013


So just two days before my 25th birthday I'm gonna get to see Weird Al for the third time this year in real life. I've been counting down to this concert since there were 80 days between me and it, and now there's less than 50 days before the concert. If you've seen anything I've ever written on the subject of what Al means to me, you know that this is a huge thing for me. I've never seen him this many times in one year. Never. Ever. Ever.
So I get to drive down to Joliet, IL in October. This will be the longest road trip I'll have ever driven, and it's not going to be the longest I'll ever do, because next tour I'm going to try and go to every single concert. Which will probably take me to all the parts of the states. And I can't wait. And you should be excited for this, too, guys, because this means that I'm gonna be pumping out the stories from now until the next tour is announced because I want to completely fund the tour-chase with my books.
And what I really, really, REALLY wanna do is be able to buy 2 tickets (nice close tickets for most of the concerts) for most (if not all) of the concerts and just randomly pick friends and/or random awesomers from the internet to come to the concerts with me. Because Al is best enjoyed with a friend.
So yeah. 48 days from now I'll be in the audience at a Weird Al concert. Hell to the yes.