Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Waiting Game

Hey! I just realized that it's been like a month since I last updated this beast. I figure it's probably about time to try to do that quarterly "let me explain you a thing" post about why I'm being inactive or whatever.
Short story: I've been feeling uncreative and having some issues trying to even get words to come out.
Long story: I'm attempting to write a novel.

I just printed out all of my current projects' current files from my computer. I'm moving those files into another folder and not opening them again. Ever. I'm rewriting all of the projects and then will release them ASAP. Some will be long, some will be short, one might even hit 80k words.
I've also got a few surprise projects that I'll be working on and throwing out there at random.

Stella's Saga is on a slightly longer hiatus, sorry guys. Trying to work out some story continuity issues for book two. It'll be awhile, but I promise I'll finish it.

Sketchbooks, on the other hand, is getting the ax. I cannot do anything with that series anymore. Eventually I'm going to pull the first three books down and I'll give a shot at rewriting them or something, but for now they stand as a monument as to why I should finish writing a whole series before even talking about it or whatever.

Yeah so this has been a blog post.