Thursday, May 23, 2013

My Experience with PublishAmerica

So I figured that it's probably been long enough since I published with them to talk about it. I've passed a royalty period and made nothing. This doesn't surprise me. The only thing that I've really gotten from publishing with them has been that pretty book cover for Fatima. I've got to say I never did expect to make money off them, but I'm willing to bet that they thought they'd make money off me. And I can guarantee that no, no they haven't, unless they've been selling my book and not reporting the sales to me (as if they could make money selling a 50 page book for more than $15). I stopped checking the email that I gave them when I signed up months ago. For all I know they're still whining at me to purchase $59 options like "10 copies of YOUR book!" "SEND 'FATIMA' TO THE 'insert european city here' BOOK FAIR!"
Yeah no. If I really wanted to send it to those places, I'd just spend extra money at one of the cheaper self publishing sites, like
But at least I got that pretty book cover out of it!