Saturday, August 04, 2012

Wow I'm vocal lately

Because apparently I cannot stop writing right now, like, I literally cannot be stopped, I've released another short story, entitled Darkness. It will be 99 cents in the kindle store for 90 days, then it will be released everywhere else. I'm trying a few different tactics with the KDP Select thing, trying to find a way that works. So far it seems like starting them out in the program works the best, but I could be wrong. Next two stories I release will be released everywhere initially and then moved to Amazon exclusively after three months.
Anyway, more about Darkness. Darkness is my first zombie-themed story. It's got zombies, it's got a very small love story, and it's told from the perspective of someone who gets attacked by zombies. It's zombielicious! And I think I may write more about zombies in the future. Anyway, that's the purpose of this post, to talk about Darkness.
Here's the cover for it: