Sunday, January 04, 2015

Dear Writers of the World

Writers, could you please just be excited that people are writing fanfiction of your creations? Please?
I still have the fanarts that my dear friend Alfie drew from one of my series. I cherish it. (even if one was a joke stick figure)
Fan creations are something to celebrate, not to get bitchy about! So what if they reject your ending and substitute it with their own. So. Fucking. What. At least your story is getting exposure. Because the more fanworks that exist, the more people those fanworks have the potential to reach. 
If you wanted to continue the story, then you should. Otherwise don’t act like a whiny little spoiled brat who decides that if they can’t control every little thing they’ll just take their toys and go home. That’s not how the world works, especially not when it comes to books.