Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The only good part of being unemployed

For years I have wanted to be a full time writer. To devote all of my time and energy to putting out an awesome book and being like yAY WRITING I WRITE NOW LOOK AT ME TYPING THINGS but there's always bills and shit that get in the way. The jobs and the driving and the working and the dealing with the people and the hey hey hey EVERYTHING ELSE BUT YOUR NOVEL NEEDS YOUR ATTENTION RIGHT NOW OR SHIT'S ABOUT TO GO DOWN.
But now that I'm unemployed… yeah, there's still bills, yeah there's applications… But I've yet to even get a proper interview. I have, though, gotten more than 5000 words written in the past two days, which is so much better than I normally do.
Anyway, I still need to survive. So if you want, you could go ahead and click that donation button a few posts back or donate at