Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I need you guys to do either one of two things:
Donate something to this campaign to keep me moderately uncomfortably alive while I write my books:

Or disable adblock while you're viewing my blog or any of my you tubes.

I'm still unemployed and I don't make anywhere near enough off my books to live even an incredibly impoverished life. I literally get about $15 every three months.

I hate to get terse about this kind of thing but this is my livelihood. This is my well-being. If you've liked any of the things I've written, I beseech you to think of the things I could write if I didn't have to actively try to figure out where my next tank of gas, my next meal, or a desperately needed new pair of pants might come from. Think. About. That.

And disable adblock. Please. I won't have any obnoxious ads on my blog. It won't do you any harm to disable it while viewing my blog.