Saturday, March 16, 2013

Viscera is available as a paperback RIGHT NOW

Yes, you read that right! My latest book, Viscera, is now available as a paperback through It will soon be available as an ebook as well.
What's even cooler than the book being out just a teeny bit ahead of my personal schedule (which no, you cannot be privy to because then I'll feel like crap if I miss a deadline.) is the PRICE I was able to set for the paperback!
Now, normally when one uses Createspace or Lulu (lulu is far worse for this, honestly) to make a paperback, you can expect the minimum price to be somewhere above $6, with the nicest profit resting somewhere around $11, which most books just can't pull off.
Viscera, in paperback form, is only $3.99 (plus whatever shipping createspace tacks on). Yes. It is SERIOUSLY a $4 book! You can't even find books that cheap at Half Price Books half the time! And this one is brand new!
So go on. What are you waiting for? Click the link at the bottom of this entry and order a copy (or twelve)!