Sunday, November 04, 2012

NaNoWriMo and Indie Book Reviews!

I've become quite terrible at this blogging thing as of late. I am going to try to get better at it, as my career continues to move forward. 
I'm working really hard right now on the Cedarcrest Chronicles series, which will be an indefinitely long series of books set in a fictional Minnesotan town, Cedarcrest. So far, I'm working on the first two books of the series: Howl and Torn. 
I've really been working to develop the setting and the main characters (mainly Alena MacGregor, who is the main character/narrator for at least the first two books). 
Over the next few weeks I'll blog more about the books as I finish them (the sequel is my NaNovel this year and I'm already nearing 15,000 words for the month. Day four biatch!) and I'll even post some excerpts once I get into the full swing of editing.

To those that I still owe books from that giveaway I ran a while back, I'm trying for around Christmas. I need to get my finances in order first, but I'm aiming for Christmas.

I also have exciting news! I now have a new Youtube channel:

On that channel, I take a stab at some of the worst self-published e-books out there. So far, I've reviewed three books, with another book review coming sometime later this evening. Please subscribe if you like watching videos by the likes of Phelous, The Nostalgia Critic, The Nostalgia Chick, Linkara, or others of similar ilk. 
I will also be making one more youtube channel specifically for scarf/hijab tutorials sometime in the near future.

Anyway, I've made this blog quite long enough. I shall see you all soon! Hope everyone's doing fab, and if you're doing the NaNoWriMo thing this year, GOOD LUCK! YOU CAN DO IT!