Thursday, October 06, 2016

The best nights I had this summer. The top picture is one I'm INCREDIBLY proud of. I knit that jedi costume. It took me months. I had fun with the stormtroopers in line and then I actually managed to speak to @alfredyankovic instead of squeak at him. I was (still am) so proud I managed to actually come out and ask if we could do the picture like I was Force-choking him, and I was (still am) incredibly shocked that he looked up at me as I'd approached the table and said, "Hey, Emmaline! It's good to see you again!" That... That is just so surreal to me. My fave, for whatever reason, recognizes me. Knows my name. *internal screaming* The Mandatory World Tour was, honestly, one of the best experiences of my life. I went to six concerts across both summers, and not a single one of those was in my home state. I travelled as far as Las Vegas and Laughlin, Nevada. I went to Ohio. I drove over 15k miles for those concerts. I would gladly have driven twice as far.

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