Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Words! About Things!

Okay first off I want to make it clear that about 90% of the reason I'm making this post is to break up the onslaught of instagram photos. But I do actually have news.
Fearless is coming. So is Confessions of a Fangirl 2: Electric Boogaloo. I'm assuming both will be out before the end of August.
Sins of the Mother is being pushed back to November. A few other titles might either be pushed back or be removed from my coming releases. I've added a lot of interesting projects to my plate and it's kind of necessitated the culling of a few projects I'm not quite as attached to.
Please keep an eye on for further details regarding upcoming releases.
Now back to more instagram photos than you can shake a stick at.
Oh, and thanks for checking out my blog! This past month I've averaged 100 hits per day! That's kind of amazing!