Friday, June 19, 2015


Hey y'all!
It's the official release date for Forgotten Melodies! You can find all the links you'll need to get yourself a copy in the post below this one.
Writing the characters from the Phantom of the Opera was a lot like having a long chat with an old friend. I already miss them, and I can't wait to get to work on the sequel (out June 19, 2016). I'm eager to see what reviews it gains now that it's up for sale.
However it's already got a couple reviews from its time on (link to posting at the very bottom of this post if you'd rather read Forgotten Melodies for free!) which I will share now:

Musical Fairytale wrote:
"I am not normally a reviewer; it is a bad habit of mine, to simply favorite a story and run, but this story has me completely enthralled. The Phantom of the Opera has always been a dear story to me, and I can't get over how well you have portrayed the characters before I got to know them in the musical (I have yet to secure a copy of the book) and it astounds me how much more you have made me sympathize with the Phantom. I have always preferred him to Raoul, but now, I wish more than ever that he had received true love from Christine, because he desperately needs it. Ah! I love your story so much and will be singing praises next Friday when I can get this book!"

An Anonymous Guest wrote:
"I've enjoyed this story so far, too! It's well-written, and I can tell you've taken time to edit."

You can find the full first three parts of Forgotten Melodies here: